About Ain Al-SaqarWelcome  to Ain Al-Saqar!

Ain Al-Saqar, English translation: The Eye Of The Hawk, is a licensed Iraqi private company established to provide insurance investigations,  medical management and legal consulting services for local and  international clients in Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan,  Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the UAE.  Ain Al-Saqar has been in business since June of 2005.

We take great pride in our motto: “Always committed to fighting FRAUD by finding the TRUTH!

We at Ain Al-Saqar employ the most qualified and professional local staff in all of our areas of operations.  We stay with each assigned case from initial filing of claim through follow up exams and physical therapy with signed certified documents, photos of all injuries and services provided, if any.

Most of our insurance investigators are drawn from police backgrounds. They fluently speak, write and read all local languages including English.  We train and pay our staff to find the truth and eliminate fraudulent claims.

Our medical staff consists of local certified medical doctors who have extensive experience in providing  thorough independent medical examinations on any case. We are also able to continue to manage all medical cases until maximum medical improvement has been reached and if any case ends with disability, we do provide impairment ratings based on the American Medical Association Guides to the Evaluation of the Permanent Impairment, 6th Edition.

We have completed hundreds of cases for several international well-known clients in the past six years.

About Ain Al-SaqarIn order to get the job done, our insurance investigators and medical doctors can travel to any place within our base of operations that include Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the UAE. And yes, we work in war zones!

We pride ourselves on providing high quality, cost effective services. We have gained a reputation for the professionalism and quality of our work.

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